Buying a House in Katy Texas

Buying a House in Katy Texas

Advantages of  Buying a Home and Teaming Up With an Experienced Real Estate Agent in Houston / Katy / Cypress Texas

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments that a person or family will make in life. It is an exciting time and a huge event. There are a number of things to consider before starting your adventure to buy a house including where you want to live, what bank or financial institution will fund your loan or will you pay cash, what your requirements are for your future home. Preparation, patience, timing, and quality funding will make your experience positive and life changing as you proceed to buying your new house in the Houston, Katy, or Cypress Texas areas.

A seasoned, knowledgeable real estate agent a/k/a realtor will know market prices and have resources within their local market.  The realtor will study the market and bring houses that fit your budget and criteria to your table. Your realtor, Gabrielle, will assist you with all of the requirements for buy a home in Houston, Katy, or Cypress Texas –  everything from A to Z. Gabrielle and her team of experts will help you by drafting your written offer and negotiating the price from the seller. The seller typically pays the entire real estate commission fees which are typically around 5% to 6% property sale. The fees are normally  split between the seller’s agent and your realtor. They will also assist you with other concerns such as resourcing home inspectors, mortgage companies, and key contractors for improvements that you want to achieve before or after move-in. Gabrielle will also coordinate with the title company and the escrow process towards closing and buy a house in Houston, Katy, or Cypress Texas.

Buying a home in Houston, Katy, or Cypress Texas can be a very complicated process, so Gabrielle and her team have created a list to help you go through the process much easier when you are ready to pursue and buy a new home.

  • Step 1: Call Gabrielle and her team as soon as you are seriously interested in starting the process to buy a new home.  The sooner you contact Gabrielle, the better. Consulting with her about your ideas on your new home will give her a jumpstart to reaching and successful concluding your home buying goals within your ideal timeline.
  • Step 2: Know How Much Can You Afford on a New Home.
  • Step 3: Get Pre-Approved. Contact a lender for a loan pre-approval to confirm how much you can afford. Gabrielle’s has unaffiliated professional network of folks that can help you with this process if you don’t have your own financial team.
  • Step 4: What Type of Home do You Want? Let’s talk about the ideal features you want in your new home.
  • Step 5: Let’s Shop Around for Your New Home. This is when the dream starts to become fun.
  • Step 6: Make an Offer on the Home You Want. This is when your real estate agent, Gabrielle, demonstrates why she’s a true pro. During this stage Gabrille will submit a signed proposal with a purchase price, terms and conditions to the seller.
  • Step 7: Buyer Should Order a Home Inspection.
  • Step 8: Confirm Your Lender and Obtain a Mortgage Loan.
  • Step 9: Purchase Homeowners Insurance Policy.
  • Step 10: Time to Close on Your Home. This is the day when the seller receives the funds and you receive the deed and keys for your new house

Gabrielle and her team are ready and happy to serve you so do not hesitate to so we can offer advice.You can also email us at