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Are you in the market to buy a new house? If so, please let Gabrielle and her network join your team to help you to accomplish your goals of finding and buying a new home. Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds and neither is finding a house. There are many factors that need to be considered when buying a new home. When you need professional medical advice, you go to a doctor. When you need engine repair on your automobile, you go to a mechanic. When you need your computer repaired you go to a computer technician. So when you need expert real estate guidance and the best bang for your money and time, see the expert, Gabrielle Greer, Realtor. Contact Gabrielle Today by email at or by phone at 713-973-9595 extension 703.
No matter what your criteria is for your new home, let us assist you with your upcoming purchase.


buy or sell your homeIf you need to sell your home, let Gabrielle and her team get the job done for you. Some sellers need to move by a certain date, others have life altering changes that bring cause to make a change to their living conditions. Others want to downgrade due to empty nest or upgrade based on expanding families or new children. Some folks require changes due to retirement or other circumstances. No matter what event triggers the decision to sell your home let us take the burden off of you and/or your family by finding a suitable buyer for your property.


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